About Balanced Spirals & April Mortemore

Balanced Spirals is owned & operated by April Mortemore. It was her perception of her own body that taught her to respect the human body. She took many classes pertaining to the human body but eventually found her passion to be in movement. She started her movement practices in Pilates & evolved to the GYROTONIC® method.

The past 13 years have been a journey in learning as well as teaching. She has been able to work with a physical therapist & many master teachers to integrate a different approach to the movement sciences & how they effect each body differently. Our life experiences shape our physical body whether it be diet, sport or  career.

We must continue to move our bodies to create a healthy lifestyle. Through movement we are able to avoid stagnation & disease. The fundamentals of these movement sciences help to ensure posture, balance & mental relaxation. All of the things a stressful lifestyle combats. Movement helps to enrich mental & physical wellness.

Balanced Spirals was developed over the past 4 years to help people find these fundamentals in their own bodies. We can be our worst enemy or our best friend. Come in to meet with one of our professionals to find the best you. We develop individualized programs that cater to each body & what it needs.

April Mortemore
April MortemoreInstructor